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Los Angeles, California

©2019 by Big Citric's Podcast. 

What's cooking?

hell yea!

Our Podcast

What makes this podcast unique? Let's just say the conversation is enough to have you thinking and cracking up at the same time. Here at Big Citric's podcast, we make sure our episodes are 100% full of silliness and happiness.

How Do I find The podcast?

We're everywhere from Spotify, iTunes, iHeartradio, GooglePlay, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Youtube, Vezbi and much more; we  are anywhere you can stream audio and video. To search for us, just type in Big Citric's Podcast and BAM! You found us. Don't forget to subscribe and/or follow us on any platform you found us on

What Do We Talk About?

It all depends on the guest! We just don't sit down and yammer away-- we like to go with the flow. Sometimes we'll have a guest that wants to talk about a cool project they're currently working on and sometimes it's about religion, math, or food. Hell, we don't know what will happen when we sit down. What we do know is we make sure every episode is special and hilarious.

What does this cover mean?

When a podcast episode has one of these covers, it means its a special segment with a run-time of 20 minutes. The topics discussed in these episodes vary from conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, rants and much more. Guests still drop by, however, these are not interviews. This is straight raw uncut podcasting.