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Los Angeles, California

©2019 by Big Citric's Podcast. 

About Anthony Campos 

Anthony 'Citric'  Campos was born and raised in Boyle Heights, a predominantly Latino neighborhood in East Los Angeles. As a child, Citric was impressed with performers such as Michael Jackson and John Travolta and dreamed of becoming a performer one day. Citric’s dreams were put on hold when, as a teenager, he became actively involved in a gang. After years of living on the edge and on the wrong side of the law, Citric decided in his early 20s that it was time to grow up and take care of business when his son Eric was born. Inspired by Latino hip-hop artists Kid Frost and Mellow Man Ace, Citric started performing with the hip-hop group Brown Town Looters in the 1990s. The group played at local venues and eventually landed a record deal with an independent label. When one of their singles became a huge hit in Japan, Citric and the group had the privilege of traveling to Japan to headline the annual Japan Lowrider Super Show.

Citric caught the “acting bug” soon after he returned from Japan. He began hosting a hip-hop interview show on a local TV station and booked his first acting job as a background performer on the music video “Lil’ Ghetto Boy” with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.


Throughout the 1990s, Citric continued to book background roles as thugs, gang members, and prisoners and was ultimately “discovered” by director Mike Judge. A casting director saw a photo of Citric on a website promoting his music and tracked him down to audition for a role in Judge’s new film “Idiocracy.” Although he had no acting experience, other than gigs as a background actor, Citric booked the job and unleashed his huge comedy chops when he played the hilarious and memorable role of Secretary of Defense in the film.

Since that time, Citric has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including the film “Harsh Times” with Christian Bale and Eva Longoria and the TV comedy series “Silicon Valley” on HBO. He has also performed voiceover services for characters on comedies such as “King of the Hill” and “Squidbillies.”Citric continues to balance his passions of music and acting. Citric also enjoys speaking with youth about the path his life has taken so that they can be inspired to find their own path to success.


Currently, Anthony 'Citric' Campos has a Podcast that consists of guests dropping by and chopping it up with him. Aside from the normal interviews, Citric also releases 20-minute segments for those not in the mood to sit for 1 hour. 

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Anthony Campos promoting his new podcast on Youtube. BigCitric.com